Jacob has had several rescue dogs throughout his life. Last year, one of his dogs had passed and his other dog Shiloh was feeling very lonely. He has always loved pitties and when he saw Chewie’s photo and story, he seemed to fit the criteria. Jacob and his family met Chewie a few times and shortly thereafter he joined their family. Now known as Ducky, he is doing fantastic. He is currently enjoying living the winter months in upstate New York and getting along great with his canine sibling Shiloh. Jacob has made fantastic progress with Ducky. Living on a large property, they have been working off leash on recall. He says that Ducky is very intelligent; has learned quickly and Ducky also checks to be sure Shiloh stays close by. A Florida dog as a puppy, Ducky is absolutely captivated and fascinated with the snow and makes a great fashion statement in his new orange coat. Jacob has a strict protocol and schedule for his dogs. After walking, there is always toy time and Jacob is diligent about picking up toys to be sure there is no opportunity for competition to arise. By giving Ducky the opportunity to have plenty of love, exercise and training, he has grown from an insecure, anxious young dog into a happy and confident dog and is living the life every dog deserves!
Chewie and Shiloh in the snow, looking at the camera. Chewie (Ducky) running in the snow wearing his organge jacket. Chewie playing with a mental stimulation toy. Chewie sleeping on the couch.