Judith and Tom’s two senior dogs had passed within a few weeks of each other and the house seemed empty without a canine to love. They saw 9-year-old Cheech’s story and photo on social media and after meeting him and deciding he was a great fit for their lifestyle, he joined their family. Now known as Riley, he has quickly adapted to his new life. Although the family cat tolerates his presence, Riley tends to ignore his feline sibling. Riley is a mellow dog and although he is not much into toys, he carries his toy bird with him everywhere. He is very attached to Judith and follows her throughout the house and when Judith goes out, Riley sits patiently at the window waiting for her return. He has been successfully crate trained, yet still loves to sleep on their bed at night. Judith and Tom say that Riley is such a sweet dog and they appreciate everything that Satchels has done for this community.
Cheech sitting on the couch with a toy. Cheech laying on the couch. Cheech playing with a toy with mom. Cheech looking out of the window, standing on the couch arm.