Bettye has had many dogs throughout her life and volunteer Karen had mentioned sweet senior Brutus was up for adoption. It was a great match and he was a lucky boy to find his forever home with Bettye. Her daughter and husband live next door and have been a great help and Brutus has made friends with his canine relative Nelly. She says that Brutus (sometimes called Broto or Buster) is doing awesome! In 5 weeks he has trained his owner to do everything he wants and cook what he wants too! Most nights it’s dog food splashed with beef or chicken broth with a side of puréed pumpkin or rice! He learned to use a doggy door within the first week and no accidents in the house since learning what it’s for. He has toys but they sometimes fall out of his mouth with no teeth but he still tries throughout the day. Most days are spent sitting on Bettye’s lap watching Soap Operas or Kelly Clarkson! I’m the little dog with a big name Brutus! At my age I can still get young girls to come over and nap! A perfect forever home for sweet Brutus and he absolutely adores his Mom!
Brutus sleeping in his doggie bed, head on a pillow. Brutus sleeping on a cushion on the couch beside his relative Nelly. Brutus sitting in the vehicle.