No photos of Bruno in his home, but a great story to share.
Neil has had many dogs throughout his lifetime, but it had been a long time since he had shared his home with a dog. A friend of his had suggested that Neil should consider adopting a canine companion to share his days with and had shown him a photo of Bruno. Neil’s visit with Bruno proved to be the boost he needed and Bruno made a great impression. Loving his new home, Bruno is attached to Neil’s side throughout the day whether it’s relaxing by his side, riding in the car or taking an early morning walk with his new dad. Neil’s friend visits occasionally and Bruno adores this wonderful person who helped Bruno find his forever home. Neil says that if Bruno needs to go out, he goes straight to the door and lies down waiting patiently for Neil to get the leash. Bruno tried out his dog bed on his first day home, but he has no interest and would rather leap up into Neil’s bed staying close by his side until it’s time to start a new day. Neil often awakens in the morning to find sweet Bruno licking his face letting him know it’s time to get up. Neil says that Bruno is a great dog and extends his thanks to Michal Anne and the staff at Satchels for doing such wonderful work.