Emilee has had cats in her life for many years, but 23-year-old Buddy, having become a local celebrity after being featured in a news story back in New Jersey, had sadly passed away after a very long and healthy life. While living in New Jersey along with her two other cats, Moo Moo and Jewlia, Emilee also began caring for a colony of kittens living outside which happened to have one Siamese kitten in the litter. Now living in Sarasota, she was at Pet Supermarket purchasing supplies when she saw Bristol, a Siamese mix kitten, and she knew in her heart that she was meant to adopt this sweet little girl. Now known as Tillie, she has been accepted by her feline siblings and is loving life in her new home. Tillie wants to play with her toys constantly and loves to be close to Emilee when she is not busy playing. In fact when Emilee is working on her computer, Tillie fits herself snuggly into Emilee’s lap which is almost under the keyboard. This sweet little angel will have many years of fun and loving days growing up in this happy forever home!
Bristol (now Tillie) on a lounge chair. Bristol on mom's lap at the computer. Bristol (now Tillie) nose to nose with one of his feline siblings. Bristol on the bed of a cat tree.