Brady, now known as Bear, is loving life with his new family. Pipa, his canine sibling, was cautious when Bear first joined the family but they have gotten closer over time. They have a big backyard where they love to play, run and rough house with each other and have become good buddies. Bear also likes to chase his feline sister but Shadow is quick on her toes and Bear is learning that Shadow is not a dog and does not like to play like her brother! Pipa and Bear both go to daycare together at Ace Pet Resort and the staff was overjoyed to see Bear as they had a previous connection and love him. Bear recently had a great grooming session and is much more comfortable dealing with the summer heat. When Bear first arrived home, Pipa did not recognize him as he looked very different and a lot smaller without all the fur! Bear is very well behaved and Mom loves her “clumsy goofball.” She is very thankful to have found Bear as he is calm, mellow and an all-around beautiful dog. She also expressed her thanks to Satchels for helping as many animals as possible by finding homes and families to adopt and love them all.
Bear and Pipa (in the kiddie pool) Bear and Pipa laid on the floor beside a doggie bed. Bear on papa's lap. Bear with his new locks.