A friend of Sue’s happened to see Boddah’s story and photo on social media and showed it to Sue. Although Sue already shared her home with two cats, she was interested as Boddah was part Burmese. Boddah had come from a hoarding situation and at the age of 17, he had a few medical issues, but Sue fell for this precious senior. Now known as Buddy, other than arthritis and some balance issues, he appears to be healthy and is doing great. Since he has been in her home, his coat has also become very shiny. Buddy is doing fine with his two feline siblings, Dahlia and Betty. Although Betty tends to ignore Buddy, Dahlia enjoys grooming Buddy and playing with him. Buddy is finally having the life that he deserves and spends his days enjoying the simple things in life, like his water bowl and his wonderfully comfy chair for long lovely naps. Being part Burmese, he is very vocal, especially in the morning when he lets Sue know it is time for breakfast. He also loves when Sue’s neighbor comes to visit and sits by her side while she offers Buddy and Dahlia lots of kitty treats. Regardless of the fact that he is already 17 years old, Sue is thrilled to be able to offer him lots of love and comfort to live out the rest of his life in peace.
Boddah facial picture. Boddah laying on the floor with a toy looking at the camera.