Kathy and Ernesto had a feral kitten in the past who they had successfully brought into their home and domesticated. Kathy had always grown up with dogs and horses, never having had a cat as a pet but had found it to be very fulfilling. When their cat passed away, she was ready to adopt after a few months, but had not found a good match. Shortly thereafter, as fate would have it, an adorable stray kitten named Biscuit came up for adoption. When Kathy met Biscuit, he cuddled up in her lap and she knew he would be going home with her. Biscuit stayed hidden in their bedroom for about a week as he had lived on the street from a young age, but with the help of a volunteer and lots of love and patience, Biscuit finally decided he was ready to explore the house and join the family. He loves watching the world safely from his cat condo on the lanai and is an extremely sweet kitten who is very independent. He knows exactly when Ernesto will be arriving home from work; sits at the window waiting for Dad and loves to “talk up a storm”. Biscuit is loving life in his new home and Kathy says that she never realized how magical owning a cat would be!
Biscuit laying on his side back legs open on the couch. Biscuit on laying on the cat tree. Biscuit sitting pretty.