Kathy and her husband have had many rescue cats, including strays who always seemed to have found a way into their hearts and home. She had been looking for about one year to adopt a kitten to join feline siblings Rocky and Princess when they heard about Billie, Styles and Taylor. When they met them at their foster home, they were planning to adopt one, but decided they couldn’t separate these precious kittens and decided to give all three of them a forever home. Now known as Smokey, Kitty Kitty and Natasha, they are fitting in perfectly. They love the multiple cat condos throughout the house and enjoy the latest cat toys. They are thriving on the attention and cuddles they receive daily and have brought endless joy to their new family!
Kitty Kitty and Smokey laying on a cat tree bed. Kitty Kitty in mom's arms. Natasha & Kitty Kitty laying in a cat bed. Natasha laying on the floor with a toy.