Katie and Rob, already the parents of 4 dogs, Archie, Chip, Stella and JJ (formerly Triscuit), these last two both Satchel’s alums, were ready to adopt another pack member. They were thinking of adopting a senior dog, but 3-year-old Archie was really needing an active playmate to wear him out. They had gone to Satchel’s to drop off some donations and were invited to take a walk through the kennel area. They noticed Benji whose sweet adorable face touched them and he just happened to be in the same kennel that both Stella and Triscuit had lived in! Fast forward and the meet and greet with all of their dogs went great. He and Archie hit it off and they knew that it was meant to be for Benji to join their pack. Still known as Benji, and often called Benjifer and also Patrick (Grandmom says he looks Irish), he is the perfect fit for them. He and Archie play, play, play until they are both worn out which is great for everyone. 12-year-old Stella is still the Mama Bear and supervisor and will take their toys away if she decides they need to settle down a little. Benji loves his walks and is great on leash. He also loves to hang out in Rob’s office, which is now referred to as Benji’s “meeting room” and when he needs some alone time from his precious pack, he doesn’t mind snuggling up in a favorite chair in the family room. His canine siblings are very lucky to have him as their brother and a perfectly wonderful happy forever home for Benji!
Benji and his siblings outside.Benji and Archie standing on the grass, looking at the camera. Benji and Archie rolling in the grass. Benji sitting ina chair.