Jennifer and her daughter were considering adopting a feline sibling for Daytona, their current cat. They had been checking Petfinder and saw Beckett’s adorable photo and when they met him at his foster mom’s house, it was instant love. Now known as Desmond, he is perfect for them. His two canine siblings, Buddy and Daisy accepted Desmond very quickly and Buddy and Desmond love to play chase. Jennifer said they took their time to fully introduce Daytona and Desmond. His foster mom led them through Jackson Galaxy’s tips for introducing two felines and it was a great success. Desmond and Daytona stayed in separate rooms and were fed on opposite sides of the door at first. They also had their blankets switched back and forth so they could get used to the other’s scent. Jennifer said they followed the process diligently and it only took two weeks before Daytona and Desmond were super buddies. Desmond is a very happy kitten in his fantastic forever home and Jennifer says they are super blessed with their loving pet family!
Desmond looking at the camera. Desmond laying with Daisy. Desmond looking out of he window with Daisy. Desmond sitting tall on one of the stairs.