Danielle and her family were planning to adopt another dog for their family when her husband saw Bailey on Satchel’s website. They learned that she would be at Pet Supplies Plus for an event and decided to meet her. They loved Bailey’s personality and when they brought the children to meet her, it was a great match. Bailey is living with an active family and loving her new life. She has two feline siblings, Jasmine and Presley. Presley accepted Bailey as a new friend, while Jasmine, the queen bee of the house is taking her time adapting to her new canine sister. Weevy, her 14 year old canine sibling is not typically a fan of other dogs, but recently followed Bailey into her crate for a nap and they are best buddies now. Bailey adores the kids and loves to snuggle up throughout the night with their daughter. One of her favorite activities is riding on the golf cart with her new family by her side. A new beginning for Bailey and another happy life for a very lucky girl!
Bailey with her family in the golf cart. Bailey snuggling with his human sister. Bailey sleeping with his human brother on the couch.