Wondering why this adorable senior had been at Satchel’s for over 9 years. We often asked ourselves the same thing.
Cookie and her puppies joined the Satchel’s family in 2012. She initialy showed some separation anxiety while being housed in a room with her puppies but didn’t show signs of this once her puppies were adopted and she came into the shelter. Early on she seemed fine with other dogs but as time went on, she wanted no part of meeting possible canine companions. Did she have separation anxiety? Did she dislike other dogs? The uncertainties turned people away from her and she became one of Satchel’s longest time residents.
Tom and Terry decided they would foster Cookie. See what kind of house manners she had, introduce her to other dogs, and do whatever they could to provide us with information that would find her a new forever family. It didn’t take long before they knew Cookie had found her new forever home and letting her go was not an option. Travel work circumstances at the time made adoption impossible but with the help of family and friends they were able to work it out and earlier this summer, they officially welcomed this adorable girl to their family. Congratulations to you all!
I recently received an update on Cookie.
“Cookie loves any and all chairs that she can jump up onto to rest. There isn’t a bed or couch in the house that hasn’t been slept in as well. Cookie loves her walks in the morning, lounging by the pool, or enjoying the sun out on the lawn. Cookie has a few dog friends that she hangs out with for play dates a few times a week with an occasional sleepover as well.”
Cookie was one of my personal favorites from the day she arrived at Satchel’s and seeing these pictures of her living the dream life she deserves after 9 years brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with joy.
If you’re looking to adopt, don’t pass over those longtimers too quickly. Many, just like Cookie, simply haven’t been given a chance to show what amazing pets they are.
Cookie lounging by the pool. Cookie laid on the floor with a canine friend by her side. Cookie snoozing on a large chair.