Arthur has settled into our family and it has been a smooth transition. While he cannot walk, well not yet at least, he’s just your typical dog. He is an amazing sleeper which is always a bonus! He has his routine down and likes routine we discovered. Since I work from home, Arthur’s favorite place to be is in one of his MANY beds next to me. Some days, though, he is feeling more needy so insists on sitting on my lap while I work. He’s a perfect gentleman and naps away. The evening is when Arthur gets to greet everyone when they get home. It’s his favorite time of the day. He loves to play with us and that’s when we remember he’s a young dog as he can be quite active. Being honest, going into this adoption we weren’t sure if this would be a match or what to think. However, it’s been great having Arthur being a family member and we’re glad we found him and he likes us too!
Arthur lined up on 2 beds - head on a second bed. Arthur snuggling in a bed with a stuffy toy. Arthur sleeping on his back in a bed.