Heather has always adopted rescues that have come from difficult past lives and she was ready for a new dog to complete her home. She wanted a dog who she could surround with love and help him to understand that he was truly in a safe place. She saw Cain’s big beautiful face on Petfinder and felt that he might be the perfect dog for her. Knowing it would take some time for Cain to learn to trust her, she went to Satchel’s every weekend for two months to visit him. Over time, they developed a strong bond and the special day came when it was time to take him home. Now known as Candy Cane and Baby, he is doing fantastic and has made tremendous progress in two months. He has put on much needed weight since being on a very nutritious diet and his skin has improved dramatically. Heather lives in a community that has many retirees and everyone who has met him on walks thinks that he is precious. He has a new found joy with soft squeaky toys and has also discovered the fun and delight of playing in the sand. Baby has a few orthopedic dog beds throughout the house and one is a King Cal that is large enough for Baby and Heather. He likes to move from one bed to another throughout the night and loves when Heather snuggles up with him. There is a private dog park in Heather’s community and he will soon begin a 6 week socialization class. Heather is hoping that in the future he will start training to become a therapy dog. Heather says that her experience with Satchel’s was amazing and that Baby will always be the Apple of her Eye. Another fantastic match made which has given Baby the opportunity to grow and flourish in this very nurturing forever home!