Veronica was ready for a new feline companion after the passing of her 18 year old cat a few months ago. She was on her way to a cat rescue planning to adopt two kittens and decided to make a quick stop at Pet Supplies Plus for some kitten toys. Onyx, now known as Brucie Boy, happened to be the featured adoptable cat in Satchel’s adoption cat room at Pet Supplies Plus. Veronica saw him and became very interested in getting to know him better. She said they bonded quickly and as fate will have it, she never made it to the other rescue, but instead fell in love with this lucky boy. One of his favorite activities is stepping up through the window onto the lanai to keep an eye out for the birds, geckos and squirrels. He has gotten into the habit of waking Veronica in the very early morning with “a tiny chirping meow” to please get up and give him breakfast and then snuggles up in his bed before starting another exciting day. Brucie Boy has brought much joy into her life and Veronica said it must’ve been destiny that she walked into Pet Supplies Plus on that special day.