Ray Ray was a big bully in our open cat room and didn’t present the best side of himself to potential adopters. That didn’t scare Jack and Kayla away and so last August, after 3 1/2 years at Satchel’s, Ray Ray found his home with this wonderful couple. Here’s a recent update from Jacky and Kayla.

“Kayla and I adopted Ray Ray from you back in August and we’ve been seeing all those pictures you guys have been posting of all the other kitties being adopted so we figured we could give you a little update of how he’s been doing. He loves having his own home and turned into a real softie (and a weirdo) when he’s by himself. He seems really happy to finally have a home and he’s the perfect cat for us. With the quarantine and everything happening right now, we figured a little good news couldn’t hurt. Anyways, thank you guys for doing what you do, we wouldn’t have this little goofball without you!”

Thank you Jack and Kayla! Love to our boy Ray Ray.