I’m sure you’ve all seen “We’re Hiring” signs everywhere you go in the area and Satchel’s is not immune to the labor crisis happening in the US. We’ve been trying to hire, unsuccessfully, for the past 9 months. Advertising everywhere we can think of and offering job fairs. We get very little response and the “interested” applicants we do get don’t actually show up for their scheduled interview.
Effective immediately, we’re increasing our hourly salary to $13 an hour in the hopes we can perhaps attract more candidates. Satchel’s is a privately funded 501c3 organization and paying anything more than that at this time is simply not possible.
Please help by spreading the word about our need for staff and sharing how passionate all our staff and volunteers are about the animals here at Satchel’s and the care they receive. Please share this flyer on Facebook and print to post wherever people may be looking for employment.
As unemployment runs out and the loopholes get filled, more people will need to find employment and it will be easier to return to full staffing. Until then, our dogs and cats are counting on your help more than ever before to share their need for help.
On behalf of the dogs, cats, board, management and staff – THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING!
Visit Employment — Satchel’s Last Resort (satchelslastresort.org) for more information and/or to submit an application.