From Shark Coast Tactical.

Morning. We do a lot of charity things. This one is our favorite. @satchelslastresort they are a non kill shelter for dogs and cats that have no where else to go because of medical and behavioral issues. Lady who helps run it is Uncles Festers Mom. Every year they bring a little donation thing for our store. Kinda like toys for tots but for dogs. It’s a true non kill shelter. When a dog has absolutely no where to go, they will take him/her. They are asking for hard dog treats, soft dog treats, wet canned for for dogs and cats, contractor trash bags, high efficiency laundry detergent and gift cards to Publix or major Pet store and maybe awareness of who they are. If you are looking for a dog or a cat maybe give them a shout and re home one of their guests who don’t have a place to go this holiday season. Little donation thing will be in the shop for the holidays. Yes we are open today and BOGO CANS and freedom is on the menu.

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