We lost Ziggy (Zig Zig) the other day after a long battle with his health. Gunther took the picture of Ziggy lounging on the cat tree, the day after he was moved to the larger cat room hoping to clear up his chronic respiratory infection. He showed immediate signs of improvement and was starting to look like the Ziggy we all knew and loved….we really thought Ziggy was in the clear and on his way back to good health. However, his body decided differently and infection rapidly spread, shutting down his kidneys. He passed peacefully and surrounded with love…. He is survived by his twin brother Zaggy who is here at Satchel’s waiting for his forever home. (Foreground in the picture below.) We will surely miss you Zig Zig with your funny little foot and your cute little face, but we know we’ll meet again at the bridge and that you are right now frolicking around up there with some of your other friends happy and healthy as can be. Keep playing till we meet again.