Congratulations Kris Kringle! Kris went to his forever home on Saturday. This picture of Kris and his new family all smiles tells it all! We rescued Kris last December right before Christmas (hence the name). He was such a young boy full of energy but he tested positive for heartworm and had something medical going on with his leg so he was not going to make it at the county shelter. The heartworm was treated, but after 10 months of tests and tests and tests, it is still undetermined what is causing the favoring of one of his legs and the intermittent swelling that appears. This amazing family immediately fell in love with Kris and will take on whatever is needed for Kris to live a happy, healthy, pain free life. Thank you so much Tashara and Kevin! And thank you to Bodie and Titan for accepting him into your home. Also pictured is Bodie and Kris after some playtime in the yard on Day 2.