Last week, we lost a long time Satchel’s family member – Smokey. Smokey was 18 years old and had spent many years at Satchels before going into foster at Angela’s house this past March. Shortly after going home with Angela, Smokey was diagnosed with renal failure and failed quickly. On Monday, she let us know it was getting close to her time to leave this earth. Angela, held Smokey all night as she peacefully faded. On Tuesday morning, we all knew it was time and Smokey was helped across the rainbow bridge. RIP sweet, sweet girl, you will always be remembered and loved by all the Satchel’s staff.
Here’s a tribute to Smokey from her special person, Angela.
When I first discovered Satchel’s and was browsing through the pictures of the different animals, Smokey was the one that caught my attention and my heart. Her distinguished look and piercing green eyes were irresistible. I would always enjoy giving her pets in the cat room and she would always respond well, rubbing up against my hand and purring gently.
When I first brought Smokey home she kept to herself, staying in a little box house I made for her. But eventually she ventured out, spending some time sunning herself in a window box and finding a favorite spot on the couch. When you sat down you could always count on her to come up and snuggle with you. She really enjoyed being petted and would return the affection that was shown to her. If you got close to her face you could always count on a good “boop” to your forehead which was how she would let you know to keep rubbing under her chin. She was interested in our other pets and would quietly observe their comings and goings rubbing up on them if she got the chance.
Her other favorite person in the house (besides me of course) was my son. He found out she loved to chase his laser pointer. She’d zoom all around the house. Even on her last day she chased that laser with her eyes. Aiden built her and our other Satchel’s cat, Patches, a window seat in his room that she visited often. We are happy to have provided a comfortable loving home for her and she will always have a special place in my heart. I will miss her meows every morning, talking to me from the couch arm, when I was preparing her breakfast. Rest now you sweet sweet green eyed beauty.