Congratulations Zoe and Pat! Zoe found herself at Satchel’s in May when she lost her owners. Dad passed away and mom found herself unable to care for Zoe. When we initially took in Zoe, she was in terrible shape with all kinds of medical concerns. A couple of weeks at Satchel’s and the signs of medical stress seemed to subside. Bloodwork and testing at our veterninary cllinic came back showing this senior girl was in perfect health! At the shelter, Zoe was loved by everyone and had no issues, however in a foster home, she showed signs of fear at night. She went into an experienced, patient, loving foster home for just a short time and we were able to better understand her fears and know what kind of home we were looking for. Along came Pat. Pat totally gets Zoe and will give her all the time she needs to learn to trust again and know she’s safe during those dark nighttime hours. Thank you to our wonderful foster mom, Cathy, who was able to help this girl in her time of need and thank you to her new mom, Pat, who has opened up her heart and home to our Zoe.