Meet Milo, an 8 year-old front declawed cat. Milo has been nominated for “Mr. Congeniality” by the cat volunteers. He came in with his sibling Zuma, who is also declawed, and we would prefer they be adopted together but that is not a requirement. Milo is a very handsome tabby with a white muzzle and caramel colored “eye liner” around his beautiful green eyes. He is not, however, just another pretty face. He is very friendly and likes to be petted and brushed.
Meet Zuma who came into Satchel’s along with his brother, Milo, after their owner passed away. We would prefer if Zuma and Milo went to a home together but it is not a requirement. Zuma seems to be more stressed in the shelter environment than Milo and it would be great to get him into a home where he can be treated as the royalty he is. Zuma is a gorgeous medium haired stand out. He seems to know that his longer hair requires some grooming and takes to the brush quite willingly. He is very talkative and seems to have an opinion on everything. He can be very affectionate and definitely wants a lot of attention. This boy deserves a good home, would it be yours?
Milo does not seem to be bothered as much by all the other cats in our free-roaming cat room but Zuma would prefer a less crowded environment. Could you be the home in which one or both of these declawed felines could thrive?
For an appointment to meet Milo and/or Zuma, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.
Zuma laid on the floor, so comfortable. Zuma laid on the floor looking the camera. Milo on a cat bed looking up at the camera. Milo giving a "fist bump" from his cat bed.