This little girl’s whole world was turned upside down instantly. Her prior owner recently passed away. She had a couple of canine and feline siblings which family members of the deceased were able to find homes for quickly.
Delhi, however, has a disability making it more challenging to find her a forever home. She is mostly paralyzed in her back end though she occasionally has a great tail wag. She does not let this get her down and very much wants to be a part of the action. She eagerly drags her back end to get herself to where she wants and needs to go. She is very much a Velcro dog and wants to be with her “person” at all times. She has done well with other canines she has been introduced to but can be a little defensive at first due to her situation.
We are not, at this time, sure of Delhi’s diagnosis. No medical records were provided or could be tracked down. She will be seeing our veterinarian for further workup. We have also fitted her for a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair which will be generously donated through RUCK9. We believe her quality of life will greatly be improved with this. She certainly wants to be moving and with the gang.
We will be posting more on her story soon.
Delhi on the bed looking at the camera. Delhi Delhi sitting Delhi sitting, looking at the camera, all smiles.