Susan and Bill had been looking for a buddy for their male cat DJ. When they saw Lucie’s photo, they were amazed at her similar appearance to DJ and when they met her, they knew she would be a great fit for their family. Lucie is taking her time getting to know DJ and letting him sit a little closer to her every day. He is being very patient with her, although he is making every effort to be her best friend! Lucie loves to sit on the couch or on her cat condo and watch the birds outside but also has her own room to go to if she needs a little quiet time when DJ is too rambunctious. She also loves to play with her toys and DJ has actually brought her a toy to try and win her over. Although she is not quite ready to be picked up, she is the sweetest cat and loves her humans to pet her and spend time with her. They have been reading up on cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy for some great tips and applying these ideas to help Lucie gain more confidence. Lucie is very lucky to have found this great forever home and DJ as her sibling to give her all the time, patience and love she needs.

Lucie on the bed. Lucie under the bed. Dad petting.