We are so grateful to The Community Foundation of Sarasota County for the generous grant awarded from the Animal Welfare Grant program with funding provided by the Helen C. Schwieder Fund in support of our veterinary care for rescued animals. This generous grant enabled us to provide medical care to many of the dogs and cats at our facility. Here’s just a few of the more expensive procedures this grant helped us provide for our dogs and cats in April:
Indiana Jones (dog) had a growth removal; Dublin (dog) continued with his heartworm treatment; Carson (dog) had an ACL surgery; Cara and Bunny (cats) both had dentals.
We provided all our dogs with Heartgard (heartworm preventative medication) and Bravecto (3 month tick/flea preventative) as well as all our cats with Revolution Plus (flea, tick, worm preventative).
We also took in several new dogs and cats, including one of our new FIV cats – Sam.
This grant will also help us with some of our medical costs in May and June. Thank you so much!