Sweet, sweet Lizzy, my little Liz Biz or Lizard as she was called by many of our staff. Lizzy came to Satchel’s in December 2011 (8 1/2 years ago) with her puppies. Rescued from a hurricane. All signs pointed to her determination to save her pups, lifting them to higher ground, out of the hurricane rains, to keep her family safe until they were found. Finally, at almost 10 years old, Lizzy’s person came for her last week. A little more grey, a little more stiff when she first gets up, but still absolutely full of energy and anxious to celebrate everything in life. Lizzy’s adoption is extremely special to me as she has been “my girl” since her arrival in 2011. She was initially in a foster home with her puppies, and I would pick them up and head off to the vet for all their appointments. As is often the case, the puppies were quickly adopted and Lizzy was left behind. She became a resident at the shelter and became very special to me. Liz Biz and I have spent the past 8 1/2 years taking car rides and walks almost every day. She was able to recognize the Starbucks Drive Thru and her excitment would show as we pulled up to the window and picked up her “Puppuccino” 2 or 3 days a week. Saying goodbye to my baby was bitter sweet. She so deserves a home and I have fought for 8 years to find her one and yet it was just so hard to let her go. So I cried. I cried when I heard Alex wanted to adopt her. I cried when we went on our last car ride together. I cried when she left with him. I cried when I got home. I will always think of Lizzy when I walk in the kennel, but I will smile, knowing she is in a wonderful, loving home now, will get everything she needs and will have her own home and person for her senior years. Thank you Alex. Please take care of “my girl”. Congratulations Alex and Lizzy!