It would seem Merida here is truly in her loving, forever home. In December, 2017, Satchel’s received a call that this beautiful girl had been abandoned at a doggy day care facility. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could do that to a family member, however it all worked out for the best for Merida. Fast forward 6 months to June, 2018 and this amazing family made the trek down from Tampa to meet this girl. The rest is history; this girl is home to stay. Back to this amazing family – Jenna is in the International Baccalaureate program at St. Petersburg High and for her community support project she chose to conduct a supply drive for the animals at Satchel’s. Pictured below is dad Barry, mom Christine, daughter Jenna and family dog Merida displaying all the wonderful donations to help Merida’s former friends at Satchel’s. Thank you so much to this family for adopting Merida and a huge thank you to Jenna and all the people who contributed to her project!