Last week all our hearts were saddened when Toby left us. Too young and full of energy to be gone just like that. Showed signs of not feeling well one night and passed at the vet’s office the next day after having emergency surgery – internal bleeding, likely a liver tumor.
Toby was rescued from the streets by a volunteer back in 2013. Just a puppy at maybe 6 months old, this young boy was alone and afraid, covered in mange with barely any fur. Watching the mange disappear and his beautiful coat emerge along with his loving personality was heartwarming to us all. He quickly found himself a young kennel mate and Toby and Cooper were inseparable ever since until last week. The years passed for Toby and we just weren’t able to find “his person” who was willing to take a little time to get to know the loving Toby we all saw at Satchel’s. Toby (and, of course, Cooper) was always so excited to go on his weekly car rides. His kisses during those outings will be remembered by me forever.Toby was my boy and I cry as I write this. RIP sweet, sweet boy, I will never forget you.

Here’s a tribute from our animal care supervisor, Lacie:
Toby’s passing was indeed a shock and left us with an empty space in our hearts. He was a wonderful companion not only to his best friend Cooper, but to all the staff here at Satchel’s. Toby was always looking to play, whether it be with toys, his buddy Coop, balls, anything he could grab really, even stealing a toy from a neighboring canine. He was full of life, with energy to burn, running around the yard till he finally exhausted himself, then he would lay in the grass, awaiting the next opportunity to chase his buddy. Toby was also very intelligent, knowing when to guide his fellow kennel mate by grabbing his leash and pulling him alongside him, or gracefully doing the agility course with ease. Toby was your classic, all around good dog that everyone hopes for, which is why he was so loved by those who knew him. We love you Toby, you were a prince, and we will cherish you forever. We miss you dearly.