For every sad ending, there are many happy endings.
Our sweet, shy Josie has finally found her forever home. Back in 2013, we adopted out a puppy to Josie and her family. A few months later, the family fell on hard times and needed to return the puppy to us. Being uncertain about Josie’s fate at a county shelter, we decided to made her a part of our family along with her new puppy sibling. Josie had some stranger danger issues and was particularly uncertain of letting men into her life making it difficult to find that perfect home for her. Fast forward a few years and along came Mike and Sue. Mike and Josie quickly became best friends and Josie started going home for overnight visits with Mike, Sue and Tootsie. (Side note – our dogs love it when they get to go on overnights with their favorite volunteer.) Well, it didn’t take long before Josie felt like one of the family and Mike and Sue knew they had to make it official.
Here’s the lastest update from Mike:
She’s been home for approx 6 weeks now and every day has new experiences and new opportunities for both Josie and the rest of the family. We are just loving her here and even our other dog (Tootsie) is warming up to her. Life in suburbia seems to be pretty good for Josie. She likes milk shakes, Mexican food, sleeping on the couch and is getting used to all the people, bikes, cars and kids around the area.
Congratulations to Mike, Sue, Tootsie and Josie! Be happy and enjoy the rest of your days sweet girl, you deserve it!