One day late last week was a tough day for all of us at Satchel’s as we said goodbye to our long-time resident Indiana Jones who called Satchel’s his home for over 13 years. Indy has been dealing with a few medical issues over the past year including losing the use of his back legs. As hard as it was to let Indy go, he made it clear to us yesterday that it was his time. RIP sweet, sweet angel. Your memory will live on with us forever. Following is a tribute to Indy from staff member Lacie.
Indiana Jones was a king of kings here at Satchel’s Last Resort. He was loved by both staff and volunteers tremendously, having them come back to see him year after year. He was a loyal companion and a gentle soul. He loved going for car rides or long walks and spending time roaming the yards. He was the best for giving toys and adored his stuffed animals. Indy could be a little difficult at times, but a heart melter all the way. Once he accepted you, he loved for you to spend time with him, and could not get enough back scratches. Indy will be forever missed by those that knew him and Satchel’s will feel lost without their king. We love you, now and always, thank you for being an amazing, kind, silly old man whom we will cherish forever.