Remember Riley?

Remember Riley? Riley came to Satchel’s almost 2 years ago from a rescue in Ohio. The rescue was having difficultly handing Riley’s anxiety and other issues that she was displaying and, wanting to help her in any way they could, they took her to a major center for evaluation where they were told to euthanize as the dog had no quality of life ahead of her. Fortunately for Riley, the staff at the rescue just couldn’t believe it was the end of the road for this 2 year old girl and reached out to Satchel’s. We don’t often take in animals from other states as the local need is so great but we were Riley’s only hope and the stars seem to align as one of our sanctuary kennels came open. The strong pull we all felt to save this girl with nowhere else to go made it happen. Riley was a challenge for a while at Satchel’s, but time, understanding, patience and love, won out and this girl made it known she was not a sanctuary dog. When Nicole met Riley, she immediately fell in love and knew, although work and training with Riley would be on-going, she belonged with her family. Today, Riley is living her dream in a loving home with her own family. Thank you Nicole. Congratulations to Riley on finding your new family.