Marie and David had been looking for a buddy for their rescue dog Jerzee, adopted in 2019. They told Jerzee that “her friend” was out there somewhere, when they happened to see Lincoln’s beautiful photo on Satchels website. They arranged a meeting and an introduction with Jerzee and it was a great match. Lincoln, now known as Indy, is doing fantastic and Marie says that his sweet temperament is amazing and he is great with the grandchildren when they visit. He loves to play with his ball and bones and Indy and Jerzee have a grand time romping and chasing each other throughout the house. Although Indy is larger than Jerzee, he seems to understand this and is very gentle with her. Jerzee appears to be smiling when her handsome brother is by her side and Marie says, “Nothing is better than coming home to our dogs who give unconditional love!”