October 1 was “National Black Dog Day” and pictured below are Bandit, Bear, Jaxon, Macho, Meeka, Rumor, and Sandler – beautiful black dogs at Satchel’s patiently waiting for their forever home.
Why is there a need for “National Black Dog Day”?
In many shelters, black dogs have been continually passed over in favor of the lighter colored dogs. As a matter of fact, black dogs and cats belong to the “harder-to-adopt pets category” and take four times as long to find their fur-ever homes. Why? The reason is Black Dog Syndrome.
Many people associate Black Dogs with danger, aggression, and bad luck. Add to this the fact that dark colored dogs are portrayed negatively in novels and movies. Black Dogs are harder to photograph. Captivating images of pets on shelter sites play a huge role in helping dogs win the hearts of their families. Since black dogs’ features often do not stand out, individuals are not that much inclined to wish to adopt them based on their images alone.
In reality, not one of those reasons means that black dogs are not great pets. But they do imply that these gorgeous pooches have some challenges to overcome. National Black Dog Day has been set up to help increase awareness of the plight of black dogs awaiting adoption.