is a gorgeous young (2 year old), pastel tortie cat. She’s playful, affectionate, and wicked smart. After hiding under the bed for a bit in her foster home, Muñeca began venturing out and observing humans. She now loves to rub on humans’ legs, have her face scratched, or even just hang out and purr next to you. Muñeca also loves to play with toys or with a laser pointer. Be careful though, if she hears you move the laser pointer, she’ll expect you to play with her! So be ready for action! When Muñeca is really happy, she flops on the floor and rolls onto her back, showing off the white stripe she has from her chest down her belly. Muñeca is a great conversationalist and listener. If she hears someone talking, she will sit nearby to hear what is being said. Muñeca is trying new things every day, but she is still learning about trust. She loves food and treats, which helps. She sometimes tries to nip when she gets excited, scared, or hungry. Through gentle corrections, like saying, “no biting,” she has learned some self control. Muñeca is ready for a home with someone who will help her continue to become more and more confident. Are you that someone who will scratch under her chin, chat with her about your day, engage in play, and enjoy the company of this sweet, beautiful cat?
For an appointment to meet Muñeca, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.
Muneca laid on the rug. Muneca sitting position