Kya was surrendered to Satchel’s 6 months ago with her canine brother when their family was no longer able to care for them. These dogs were not bonded and immediately went into different kennels as we began our search for the perfect home for each of them. Kya made it known right from the start that we’d have to gain her trust before she’d consider allowing us into her circle of friends. After a short time with us, she joined our Woof Pack program. With the help and patience of her Woof Pack leader, Quentin, she soon started to enjoy the car rides and adventures that a car ride often brought her, even slow meetings with people along the way. After a couple of months in the program, Quentin was able to take her to Phillippi Farmhouse Market to see how she would behave in that kind of environment. Turned out she did pretty well and slow introductions (with treats) showed her that people were actually okay. Soon after, when Joan and her husband came looking for a dog, Kya seemed to fit the bill of what they were looking for and we knew Kya was ready to meet new people and find her forever home. Thank you both for adopting this special girl!
Kya standing beside the picnic table at Satchel's with is new mom and dad.