Mr. Benny Happy Landings Update!

Another Happy Landings story – 30 day follow up – thank you Judy!
Mary Ellen’s dog had passed in April and since she had also had many cats throughout her lifetime, she decided it would be best to foster a cat. Benny’s owners could no longer care for him as he was a “special needs” cat with diabetes and needed to have his blood sugar tested often. Mary Ellen took him into her home and she said that he fit right in without missing a beat. Eventually Benny’s blood tests came up normal and she decided to give him a forever home. Mary Ellen now calls him Mr. Benny so as to not confuse the family as there are three other people named Ben or Benny in her extended family. He adores sitting on her lap and loves spending his nights asleep on her bed. Mary Ellen began her experience with Satchel’s as a foster mom, moved on to an adoptive mom and has now completed the circle by joining the Satchel’s volunteer group! She is very grateful to Satchel’s for all they have done and continue to do.