Lunar came to us as an owner surrender because she was possessive of herself. It quickly became apparent she would do best in a quiet foster home and a staff member took her into his home. After being in foster care for two weeks – although still a very shy and calm dog, wanting nothing but peace, quiet and a loving hand – Lunar has started to shine, Lunar gets most excited when her foster daddy comes home from work and it’s time to go outside! She doesn’t have much of a need to play but rolling around in some nice grass, chewing on a yummy bone or sun bathing are some of her favorite activities. Lunar is nondestructive, well mannered and knows all of her commands. She previously lived in a house with other animals, but there proved to be too many for her comfort level. A less crowded home, being the only dog would be preferred by this baby. We are working on her socialization with other animals though it is a slow moving process. Of course Lunar is very happy in her foster home but it would be best to have her find a forever home rather quickly so this shy girl doesn’t have to readjust again. Lunar is 4 years old and weighs 40-45 lbs. If you are an experienced dog owner with love to share, maybe Lunar is the girl for you? For an appointment to meet Lunar, please complete the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.