November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Amazing Grace is truly one of the sweetest cats out there. Please consider meeting this beautiful girl.
“Amazing Grace (AG) how sweet the sound of her meowing and purring.” This purrfect calico lady will steal your heart and give you many years of love. Did you know that in folklore calico cats are revered for their good luck? Also, most calico cats are female. Because males are rare, and sterile, calicos are not bred; nature produces them randomly. Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland have calicos as their official state cat. If you are a Balitmore Orioles fan then AG will be your team mascot!
Every morning AG will greet you with a plaintive cry to come pet her. She is an easy going girl who likes to gaze out over her home from high above in her cat tree. As an adult cat she is well trained and would be a great addition to any home. She gets along very well with other cats, but we suspect she would prefer to have you for herself. And, hey don’t you deserve total adoration?
Amazing Grace is a healthy senior at 15 years young and is looking for a retirement home with someone to share the love she has to give. If you’d like to meet Amazing Grace or any of our fantastic kitties then please email or call 941.924.5070.