Meet Kelly – Medical Special Needs Dog of the Month for July.
Hello friends, my name is Kelly. I am a very sweet girl who loves going for long strolls around the neighborhood and I don’t mean to brag, but I am the best leash walker ever! I am quite the socialite and love being around people. If you were to take me home, you would be my world and I would want nothing more than to cozy up and cuddle next to you. Oh, and I don’t really want to share you with any other four-legged being, so I do need to be your only baby please. I love going for car rides and am the perfect passenger. I can be a bit of a diva when it comes to my bed, but with my health, I can’t help but feel entitled. Several months ago, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and am now getting fluids twice a week. My latest tests show that the fluids are doing their job and keeping me healthy. Now it’s time for me to find my forever home with that special person who will continue to give me the fluids I need. It’s not a problem to give them to me – I’m so used to it and am no trouble.