Hi, my name is Y-Me and I am cat of the month for July!
I am a long coat, senior Maine Coon mix. Recently, my beloved owner passed and I, along with my two feline friends, was fortunate enough to find a home at Satchel’s Last Resort. I am looking for a chance to start my life over in a new forever home. Although I am still unsure and a little scared of the shelter environment, I have a sweet and gentle nature and adore human attention and cuddles. My pictures aren’t the most flattering since I recently received a grooming and am currently sporting my new hair cut – but even the grooming I took like a champ – and soon I’ll have a beautiful coat! Since I had feline companions before, I will be fine with other friendly cats – I would love it if I could take one or both of my former feline companions with me — but I am also fine being adopted out individually into a loving home. I am shy, but eager to meet you and have you fall in love with me. Hope to see you soon at the shelter!