Macho in foster with Violet!

What incredible staff we have! Yesterday I told you about Phoebe going home with team member Kris and now I’m happy to say Macho is going into foster with Violet. Just look at that smile! This senior boy is 10 years old and has spent half of his life at Satchel’s. While showing Macho what a real home, with your very own person is like, Violet will also be preparing him for his forever home. Thank you so much Violet for being an interim mom until his soul mate comes along. Bye Macho, have a nice vacation! Macho is available for adoption – to meet him, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will get in touch with you.
Foster homes save lives. Not only is Violet showing Macho love and kindness, she has freed up a kennel for another dog who needs that last chance – another dog who has been waiting for a kennel to open up for her so she may continue to live.