Lizzie has a last name!

Early in 2019, our veterinary clinic reached out to us to take in a cat who had been dropped off for euthanasia. Beautiful Lizzie was guessed to be just 5 years old and didn’t deserve to die. Lizzie had on going medical issues at the shelter and in May 2020 went into foster with Rosemary as we worked to get a grasp on how best to care for Lizzie. A happy girl who needs regularly monitoring to keep her healthy thrived under Rosemary’s care. Lizzie is a medical special needs cat who requires a special diet and regular vet care. That didn’t deter Rosemary from making it official. Earlier this month, Rosemary adopted Lizzie. We couldn’t be happier knowing that Lizzie is so loved and well cared. Thank you Rosemary for adopting a cat who needs just that little extra care and congratulations to you both!

Lizzie b Lizzie bright eyed on the bed Lizzie with her toy. Lizzie snoozing on the pillows.