Happy Landings for Penny.

Beth’s dog Andy had passed away and her lab Emma was feeling lonely. Lani, an Aussie owned by Beth’s co-worker, comes over to Beth’s house for pet-sitting during the week and had been a great comfort to Emma. Beth loves Lani’s playful temperament and decided she wanted to adopt her own Aussie. She had looked at various websites and was thrilled when she saw that Satchel’s had an Aussie up for adoption. Penny is getting along great with both Emma and Lani. Penny and Lani have an incredibly fun time running all over the yard playing and Penny gets along great with Emma. Penny initially was having some issues with house training but with help from an experienced person and Penny’s ability to learn quickly, she is now successfully house-trained. Beth says Penny is adored and loved unconditionally and they are all one big Happy Household!
Penny posing laying on a chair in her new home.