Happy Landings Update for Briggs!

Another Happy Landings 30-day adoption follow up – thank you Judy!
2020 was a challenging year in many ways but particularly so for us after the devastating loss of both our older dogs within 5 months of each other. We were heartbroken. I put in my application to foster and was invited to come by and meet some candidates. My son and I met some lovely pups that day including Azalea and Jade however we decided that Briggs would be the best suited to us. We went back the next day to collect him. As soon as he got to the house it was pretty clear he was “home”. He stole our hearts from the beginning and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was heading towards a foster fail.
Briggs initially came home with us as a foster on 09/27 and we officially adopted him on 12/13. I think of him as my little angel as he has been the light in a dark time. He is the sweetest boy and loves his walks and cuddles. My neighbors know him now and the neighborhood kids love him. We couldn’t be happier that Briggs came into our lives. He has rescued us every bit as much as we rescued him. Thank you to Satchel’s for introducing us!