Happy Landings to Tucker. Adoption follow up.

Sir Tucker is very happy with Julia and settling in like a champ. It took him no time to warm up to his new surroundings and he is super affectionate and bonded with her. He loves to sit on Julia’s lap or at the very least make sure that he has one paw draped over her arm or leg. Tucker likes to wake Julia at night by pawing at her with the hope that she will get up and feed him, so she is working on training him to get back into his bed and wait until breakfast. Tucker also needs to lose a little weight and Julia is using an automatic food dispenser which programs his meals to the correct amount and time(s) of day. Since Tucker loves to be by Julia’s side, she has figured out that a great way for him to burn those extra calories is for Tucker to follow Julia and her roommate up and down the stairs. His calming activities include a good brushing every morning and his favorite pastime is safely watching all the bunnies from the screened in porch. Another happy cat has found the perfect home that will bring him many years of love!