Happy Landings to Tobi! Adoption follow up – thank you Judy.
Tobi was one of a litter of seven kittens who were lucky to be all together in one foster home until they were old enough to be adopted. Tobi’s foster family decided to have Tobi join their family permanently as he fit in so well with their other three rescue cats – Dexter, Sophie, and Cole. Tobi loves to play and be in the middle of everything; often using his hind paws to step backwards onto his older feline siblings. He also has a canine sibling and enjoys carrying the largest dog toy around the house with his mouth which makes everyone laugh. Tobi’s family said that they were very happy to have had the opportunity to foster this litter, as the kittens brought them much joy, especially during these difficult times. And lucky Tobi gets to live happily ever after with this family, continuing to bring joy and fun to the entire household.