Happy Landings to Lulu – Adoption Follow Up

Lulu was hanging out at a “Yappy Hour” Event for Satchel’s which was being sponsored by Animal Network, Inc. Wendy, a Board Member of Animal Network, met Lulu that afternoon in March. Her beagle had passed away; months had gone by without a dog in her house and she was ready to adopt. With 6 cats in the house, it would have to be a dog that could get along with all of them. She fell for sweet Lulu and decided it was worth the effort. Lulu is doing great and loving life in her new home. Her feline siblings are slowly getting used to Lulu and one of them will sneak up and sniff her when Lulu is sleeping. Sometimes Lulu will try to gently “herd” the cats but all they have to do is slip out the cat door or under the furniture. Although Lulu is visually impaired, she is making great progress getting around. When she goes out back and feels the grass under her feet, she instantly gets the “zoomies” running circle eights all over the yard. She has been learning how to use the steps to get up and down from Wendy’s bed and Wendy is teaching her how to use a ramp to get in and out of the car. Lulu couldn’t have asked for a better home and the perfect Mom who will love her forever!