Ann and her husband had adopted senior dog Spook (now Cooper) last January. Ann decided to check Satchel’s website for another senior as she has always had three dogs at a time. When she saw 14-year-old Lucy’s photo and read her story, she couldn’t resist meeting this special girl. Lucy has Cushing’s Disease but her illness is controlled with medication and Ann says she is symptom free and enjoying life to the fullest. While her siblings, Cooper and Izzie, are spending the summer with Ann’s husband in Buffalo and having a grand time hanging out at the farm, Lucy is having some individual time with Ann. She loves to spend time feeling the grass beneath her while Ann works in the garden and then enjoys snuggling up in her comfy bed. Lucy has hit the jackpot with this family and Ann will give her all the special care she needs for whatever time she has left. Another reminder that adopting a senior dog can be an extraordinary and extremely rewarding experience!
Lucy sleeping on a dog bed. Lucy laid on the grass in the yard.